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Supermarket Protection

Nam Long Security Company provides Security Services at Supermarkets. With the characteristics of the type of supermarket protection is the crowded visitors and properties at supermarkets and commercial centers. So in order to perform the job well, Nam Long's staff has applied the most rigorous professional measures to maintain the rules of customers seriously.

In order to perform the job well, Nam Long's staff has applied the most rigorous business measures to maintain the rules of the customers seriously, and thoroughly control the security situation. security, order and safety of assets, applying the process of receiving guests quickly, politely and considerate, checking and supervising imported and exported goods, mastering the correct process, making records as well as Applying scientific reporting methods are major advantages that contribute to building a strong and comprehensive Nam Long.

In addition to the efforts of the staff and the ingenuity of the staff at all levels, Nam Long Protection also regularly contacts and works closely with the representative of the governing body to exchange as well as capture the practical requirements to correct and replace to suit customers' requirements in each period and period and consider this to be a key factor in customer service.

In addition to market development and branding, Nam Long Security also conducts free consultations for all customers on security solutions, preventive prevention plans and handle all incidents. incident risks may arise at the goal of protection. The protection plan is scientifically established, based on customer requirements and through a practical situation survey to ensure absolute safety in terms of security, assets and savings for customers. goods need professional protection supermarket


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