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Bodyguards Protect Celebrities, Idol

Human life is growing day by day, the demand for exchanging and selling goods is increasing day by day. Professional mobile target protection service ensures the best quality of goods and valuable assets during transportation.

1. Requirements for the service:

Escorting and escorting the object (either an individual or a group of people) to ensure absolute safety, not to cause any mistakes when moving from this fixed place to one or many other locations in time be determined.

For security services for transporting goods, money and property (collectively referred to as goods): to ensure the absolute safety of goods from the delivery and receipt process to the transport process, not to allow criminals harm or damage the loss. During the transportation process, the prototype and sealing lead must be maintained during transportation. Keep secret not to disclose the name, quantity, departure time, time of arrival.

2. Requirements for security guards:

Security guards are trained professional, professional and martial arts.

Professional, dynamic, agile and sensitive manners; have good moral qualities, be honest and withstand high pressure at work.

Knowledge of social psychology (general psychology and criminal psychology) and certain knowledge of the law.

Security services that Nam Long security always provide:

Goods are safely protected from delivery to transportation, from bad objects to damage or damage.

Ensure the integrity and seal the lead during transportation.

Detailed information on quantity, goods names, departure time and time of arrival of goods are absolutely confidential.

Goods are transported to the place of delivery to ensure absolute safety and on time.

The delivery and delivery steps until the handover is closely monitored.

Compensate if bad incidents occur.


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