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Protection Security Services in Industrial Park

Industrial Park is very complex. Nam Long Security Service Co., Ltd. understands this. Therefore, Nam Long Protection will be responsible for bringing your safety.

Nam Long Security Company has held many protection positions in industrial parks and has long experience with the type of protection of industrial parks. With the characteristic of this type, many workers come and go often with a large number of vehicles, so the protection of industrial parks also has its own characteristics. We are present in almost industrial zones in the city. Ho Chi Minh City and neighboring provinces such as industrial parks in Long An, Binh Duong industrial parks, industrial parks in Dong Nai ...

Nam Long Security Services Co., Ltd -What can Security Protection Services in Industrial Park do for you?

Ensure security smoothly 24h / 24h;

Protect equipment assets from intentional damage or any other risk of loss;

To strictly protect important customers' technical and business information;

Protect customers' employees from threats of life and property;

Ensure employees, visitors, business contacts must strictly comply with the rules and regulations of the manager;

Protect property from losses caused by internal or external theft;

Detailed report on security situation in shift, day, week, month, quarter and year;

Regularly inspect and practice the use of fire protection systems;

Protect people from casualties in case of accident or unsafe working conditions;

Effective assistance to minimize property damage due to fire, flood or other natural disaster;

Support to minimize the cost of water, electricity or materials;

Carry out rescue missions, evacuate refugees in an emergency;

Support and advice needed the most optimal security measures for customers;

Responsible for contacting and collaborating with local authorities and police.

Currently Dong Hao Protection is present in most of the Industrial Zones in the South as follows:

Protection of VSIP Industrial Park, protection of Binh Duong Industrial Park, Protection of Dong Nai Industrial Park, Protection of Duc Hoa Industrial Park, Protection of Tan Kim Industrial Park, Protection of Song Than Industrial Park, Protection of Cu Chi Industrial Park ...


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