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Introduction about Nam Long Professional Security Services Company

Nam Long Security Company is a place where security service values are honored and affirmed. With a high level of service quality, a wide reputation in Ho Chi Minh City, as well as many provinces in the country, Nam Long Security Company is an ideal destination for anyone who needs it. protection anytime anywhere.

Although our company has not been established long, but with the management of experienced management board, we have soon integrated into the security service market and achieved certain achievements. including the annual sales of service contracts are always stable, receive good feedback from service beneficiary partners. As a result, we capture our strengths, maintain what we have achieved, and improve the staff, further improving the quality of service packages to satisfy consumers.

Nam Long Security Company focuses on the selection of security guards and bodyguards with strict standards such as working age, good health, skills, and quick response. First experienced people. Moreover, the company not only relies on the available advantages of its employees, but also invests in a well-trained process with the guidance and responsibility of the coaching board that has worked in the army and the forces. security or reputable martial arts facilities. We commit that every security guard and bodyguard can make a representative image of standards, politeness, high responsibility for the company, surely help customers feel secure when working with Nam Long security company.

To ensure the interests of our customers in the event of a risk, our company is also interested in the issue of liability insurance compensation through Pijico insurance company, with the amount of insurance up to billions upon every loss incident. sewing machine

Nam Long Security Company always practices "talking with doing", taking customer satisfaction as a guideline for service development. We have a diverse service system, suitable for a variety of users, each service package is the crystallization after thorough market research and needs, so you can quickly Choose a suitable service without having to take time to consider and consider.

Nam Long Security Company is pleased to serve you!


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