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Nam Long Security Team Meeting Before Working Images

Nam Long Security Team Meeting Before Working

With high assurance and professionalism in security services, Nam Long Security Company is always a prestigious choice for customers. With well-trained security guards, a team of employees invested in quality protective equipment, we always make sure to bring absolute safety to you or business organizations.

All employees of the security company are trained in skills of a clear scale, the employees are not only well-trained in expertise but also always enriched with professional ethics, a sense of work. They're doing.

The company's employees are always agile and able to improvise to deal with all situations in different working conditions.

Always respect customers and follow the rules at work, the company's security guards are invested in using specialized equipment to ensure the perfect working process.

Security service fee: The security contract fee at Nam Long Company is charged a lot, including other costs: protective equipment, staff uniform, social benefits, ...

Current services are being provided by Nam Long Security Company:

  1. Bodyguard, Celebrity, Idol
  2. Professional Private Detective Service
  3. Construction Protection, Real Estate Construction Projects
  4. Supermarket Guard
  5. Security Security Services in Industrial Park
  6. Security At Buildings, Buildings, Offices, Apartments
  7. Protect Events: Music, Festival

Our professional security services ensure absolute credibility and trust to customers. With a team of professional staff combined with appropriate, smart and modern equipment systems, Nam Long Security Company is always committed to quality, free consultation and 24/7 service, dedicated, thoughtful.


Prestige, Professional Detective Service

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